I help worship leaders grow practically and spiritually to lead worship and their teams with confidence and authority.

 I help women heal from traumatic life experiences and transform their lives into the life they are purposed to live!

Coach | Author | Speaker | Worship Pastor

I help women heal from traumatic life experiences and transform their lives into the life they are purposed to live!

I help worship leaders grow practically and spiritually to lead worship and their teams with confidence and authority.

Coach | Author | Speaker | Worship Pastor

What are YOU doing with what God gave you?

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Worship Coach

  • Lacking confidence while leading worship and leading your team? 
  • Struggling with getting your team to learn the material? 
  • Don’t know what to say or do in between songs? 
  • Are you trying to run the ministry on a shoestring budget?
  • Don't know how to build a strong worship set for Sunday services? 
  • Are you wondering how to handle challenging team members while still valuing them?
  • You can conquer these challenges with the Heart of Worship Masterclass and E-Course!
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Life Coach: Healed & Transformed Life Coaching

  • Feeling stuck in the past and wondering how to overcome the struggles you are facing now? 
  • Have you given up on your dreams and purpose?
  • Feeling broken and lost because of life’s challenges?
  • Well, it’s time to heal, transform your life and relentlessly pursue your destiny.
  • It’s time to think about what you are doing with what God gave you! 
  • I'm challenging you to LIVE while you live!
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Hey! I’m Rayna!

Worship & Life Coach!

So, whichever one of those areas relates to you, I’m here for you! It’s what I do!

I am a graduate of Liberty University, a thriving businesswoman, Worship and Life Coach, Songwriter, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Worshiper. 

I am the CEO/Owner of Heart of Worship Co., a company that “Connects People to the Heart of God” through faith-based resources, coaching, and apparel. I am the Founder of the "I Am Her Heart" community and Podcast that connects women to God through self-discovery, faith, empowerment, prayer, and worship.

My relentless approach to navigating the journey of putting myself first and overcoming self-neglect has been the catalyst to my path of helping others prioritize themselves and achieve their goals.



Heart of Worship Academy

Either a one-hour masterclass or a full self-paced E-course for Worship Leaders who are ready to lead with full power and confidence by learning principles of spiritual and practical worship leading, administration must-knows, worship theology, how to plan services, building spiritual and team culture, goal setting and vision casting processes and more.

Healing and Transformed Life Coaching

Experience faith-based life coaching with God as the foundation and abundant life as our end goal by choosing either 60 days of Healing and Transforming Life Coaching, 60-minute empowerment and transformation sessions or get on the waiting list for the 2023 Healing Tea Tribe Retreat!

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Heart of Worship Master Class

1 Hour Masterclass on the practical and spiritual principles of Worship.  We will discuss worship theology, how to plan your services, principles of worship leading, Q&A, and more.

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Heart of Worship 

E-Course (Boot Camp)

Pre-recorded training videos (taken at your own pace) on practical & spiritual principles of worship leadership, how to build out your worship set, when and how to introduce new songs, practical skills (exhortation, stage presence etc.), admin skills (budgets & calendars, planning software), scheduling team members, recruiting, onboarding policies & procedures, building out team nights, goal & vision casting, theology of worship, building spiritual & team culture, participation in a private FB community for assignments, questions, & accountability, unlimited email access to RB, and more.  Plus, a one-time bonus 1 hr. group coaching session with Live Q&A with RB.

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2023 Worship Leader's Tea & Brunch

The Worship Leader's Tea & Brunch is a 1 day workshop and a safe space for replenishing the worship leader! Tea and brunch will be served while we teach, learn, and worship together. It's your time to be poured into and worship without the "serve."

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60-Day Healing & Transformational Life Coaching Program 

I will help you get past the issues in your life that are causing you to feel stuck and lost so that you can elevate your life! We will spend 30 days identifying your challenges and implementing a plan for healing. We will spend the remaining 30 days transforming your mindset and giving you tools and strategy for your next!

Change My Life!

60-Minute Empowerment & Transformation Session

We will spend 60 minutes discussing your challenges and areas of fear. We will map out a plan for you to take charge of your own healing and restoration.

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2023 Tea Tribe

Healing Retreat

The Tea Tribe Healing Retreat is a 1-3 day faith-based retreat that curates a space for women to identify and face the trauma in their lives that is causing them to live in bondage. Once they have identified their challenges, we will provide room for purging and release of those weights and equip them with the necessary tools to begin their journey of healing. We believe community is an integral part of healing, so we carefully vet and approve a group of like women on like journeys to attend the Retreat.

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Empowerment Speaker

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A 31-day devotional that will walk you through building your faith in God!

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Check out my Podcasts and spill some tea with me !

What’s the Tea w/ RB? Podcast

My podcast is a show that "spills the tea" on Life Healing & Transformation, Faith, and Empowerment! In this podcast, you will find practical steps (or what I call “tea spills”) to healing from traumatic life experiences and a pathway to connecting to God’s heart. My mission is to empower you and equip you to live a life of faith and freedom in the way you deserve! If you are ready to connect to God’s heart so that you can transform your life and break free from shame, the pain of a broken heart or grief, failure or just feeling stuck in a rut, this is precisely where you need to be!

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Worship Tea Podcast

Let’s just face it, worship leading can be hard at times, and learning how to consistently worship can be challenging as well! The Worship Tea podcast was created to talk about the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY concerning all things worship leading!

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"I found HEALING in being able to talk about my current and past challenges with women that WANTED to understand me."

~Rayna Brown


The i Am Her Heart

Community & Sisterhood


Do you want to experience Healing, Freedom and Sisterhood? Come hang out with the i Am Her Heart Community!


Connect with i Am Her Heart here!  I Am Her Heart is an inclusive LADIES ONLY community where we empower women, share our struggles, our accomplishments, get & give support, pray together, study the Bible, and pursue the life of a healed & whole woman.


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word and get more out of your study time with Him!

Heart of Worship Bible Study Journal


Heart of Worship Book of the Bible Study Journal


Heart of Worship Sermon Journal


Heart of Worship Monthly Prayer Journal 


" Print fresh worksheets for every Bible reading or prayer journaling session, then save them in a folder or three-ring binder where you can keep an ongoing journal of wisdom from the Lord. Just imagine the wealth of knowledge and encouragement you will collect over time… starting with just a few short days or weeks! Best part? This bundle can be used as an ongoing tool for years to come. It never gets old or boring, because God’s Word is “alive and active” (Hebrews 4:12) and it is “at work in you who believe” (1 Thessalonians 2:13)."