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God is real and He loves you! Learn how to connect deeply with God and strengthen your relationship with Him using these daily devotional tips.

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I’m a Worship Consultant, Coach, Author, Speaker, Songwriter, Bible Teacher, and Podcast Host. I’m a Jesus Lover who connects people to God’s Heart by creating bible-based resources (books, digital products & courses etc.), Christian music, empowering apparel, and coaching programs for Worship Leaders. I love tea so much that I not only spend my days drinking tea but “spilling the tea” on all things worship, Bible, and purpose.

My Story

I help women heal from traumatic life experiences and transform their lives into the life they are purposed to live!

I help worship leaders grow practically and spiritually to lead worship and their teams with confidence and authority.

Coach | Author | Speaker | Worship Pastor

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Song Journal

Hey Worship Leader! Having trouble building
out your Worship Set List? Work through
the song structure, lyrics, exhortation connections and themes of any song
with our FREE Song Journal.

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HOW Masterclass


Masterclass on the practical and spiritual principles of Worship.  You’ll learn how to build your own philosophy of worship, how to plan your services, and some practical and spiritual principles of worship leading.

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HOW Boot Camp (E-Course)

An in-depth training on the practical
and spiritual principles of worship leading. You’ll learn how to build and maintain team culture, practical skills (exhortation, stage presence, etc.), admin skills (budgets & calendars, etc.), how to build worship sets, vision casting, how to navigate personality challenges and so much more.

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Worship Team Training: On-Site
Let's Talk About it!
In-Person Workshop/Conference/Retreat

Ready to take your worship leadership to the next level? Bring me to your church to UNLOCK the full potential of your worship ministry. I’ve been through some of the same challenges your team is experiencing and I am com mitted to taking others on a transformative journey toward becoming a more confident, capable, and spiritually empowered worship leader.  Let’s talk about the needs of your worship ministry and how we can help you create a healthy team that not only leads powerful worship experiences each week, but changes lives and breeds leaders that champion the leadership path within your church.

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Bible Study Resources

Free Devotion Delights

God is real and He loves you! Learn how to connect deeply with God and strengthen your relationship with Him using these daily devotional tips. God is waiting on YOU!

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Heart of Worship
Journal Bundle

Study Guide Journals that help you dig into your study time with the Lord, understand scripture better, and write out your prayers.

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HOW Daily Devotional
Book on Faith

A 31-day devotional book that will walk you through building your FAITH in God.

Do you feel like your faith walk is struggling? Are you often in a place of "doubt to doubt" instead of "faith to faith?" Spend 10 minutes a day for the next 31 days on a journey that will build your faith muscles and your trust in God.

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