Oct 09, 2022

This was the hardest book I've ever read! Sheesh!

Simply put, Under Cover is about submitting to authority and although it will rub you like sandpaper, it is LIFE CHANGING.

Unfortunately, it helped me to see that there are so many areas I have not even touched when it comes to the Bible."

I was definitely schooled on how specific the Bible can be when it comes to even the simplest things in life! Family, civil, church and social authority! At the end of the book, John Bevere encourages us to take responsibility for any areas we have not been obedient to authority by going back and asking forgiveness (without placing blame etc.) Needless to say, I’m working on my list hahahaha! But here are a few things that stuck with me.


Submission & Obedience

Submission = attitude towards what we are told to do. So I’ve been doing this wrong for a long time. I thought the simple act of doing what we are told to do was submission…meanwhile, it’s all about the attitude. (hand covers face right now!)

Obedience = fulfilling what we are told to do. (I obviously mixed this up with submission).

This is definitely my first time hearing it put this way and it gives us a simple formula on how to be covered! It made me think back on the MANY times I did what I was told but yet grumbled about it. Not only did this make me think on church and work but also family. It really hit me in that place. Sometimes we just don’t feel like it and grumbling sets in. That’s an area I need to repent and ask forgiveness for. Turning my face from that and remembering serve my hubby without grumbling on the days I just don’t feel like it. (Don’t turn your nose up at me! I know I’m not the only one!) J



The next train of thought that stood out to me was “An individual who vindicates himself lacks the humility of Christ.” This was a moment of peace and confirmation! I’ve been in situations when God just told me to “shut up daughter” hahaha and ugh! I just didn’t want to! I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs to defend myself. It has happened socially, in church, in the family and at work and those times that God shuts my mouth I used to get so upset because I felt I was not defending myself but I was still obedient. I’m thankful for the confirmation that God wasn’t just picking on me and I’m also thankful because sometimes I was DEAD WRONG hahaha and He covered me from running my big mouth. I know you don’t want to admit things like that but I’ve found even if the truth hurts, it’s better for us!



The last train of thought I’ll discuss is this, “Faith increases as we complete what we are commanded to do.” This was an “ah hah” moment! Completing God’s commands that come directly from Him, or the authority He sets over us, can sometimes be challenging. This statement just helped me further understand how my faith is strengthened in those times. Trusting authority and trusting God to have my back. If we can just focus on the command, we can be sure that God will handle the rest. This takes faith muscles because sometimes we just know it all hahahaha (thank God for grace). I don’t know about you, but I often thought RAYNA BROWN knew what was best for RAYNA BROWN and nobody else! Our authority gives us commands based on what God has said to them and we have to trust that! God has prepared them for these very moments. And even if the authority’s instruction turns out differently than expected, it isn’t for me to be concerned because God will cover us both. My job is to submit and be obedient.


The book is rattled with biblical instructions on how we are to submit to authority (family, government and church) and some of it was really difficult to digest, given this sensitive era of racial divide and political stress. Sometimes we think we are in a really good place when it comes to submission etc. but then we become inertly aware of the fact that we haven’t yet been tried in an area. Some of us are being tried as we speak and in a moment of transparency, I’m struggling. According to John Bevere and scripture, although our government is being grossly led, we are still obligated to submit. Ugh! This is a rough one for me.

Interestingly, when I traveled back NY for the weekend, my Father in love started to talk to me about a book he was reading for his doctorate class and guess what? Yup! It was on authority. He is a Bishop and admitted that he never knew so much of what he was reading in this book and he was so tempted to put it down hahaha. Then later that night as I was finishing up Under Cover, John Bevere mentioned this book and author as a reference to a statement he made! So, that only meant I needed to get this book too! It’s in line for reading but I’ve got to give myself a little break on this subject first! hahaha! Hope you all get a chance to read Under Cover as it makes for a better leader and servant!


Final Thoughts

My final thoughts would be that I encourage everyone to read this book. Although it’s a hard read, it will humble you, grow you, educate you and prepare you for real raw Kingdom work.

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