Oct 09, 2022
We are not alone in our failures." 

So many have focused on the deeds he’s done rather than the healing journey he is offering to those who need it. I believe he was really trying to give us a dose of transparency so that we, (those of us who can relate), can see that we are NOT alone in our failures. The book sheds light on people who are in positions of leadership that bleed the same blood as those who aren’t. We may be leaders, but we still have the same issues, hurts, frustrations, sins and downfalls as any other human being. We, like anyone else, also need to be cared for in the same way we care for others. We need someone to ask if we are ok. We are often broken ourselves while leading others back to a place of wholeness because God has gifted and anointed us to do so. PJ drove that point throughout the book. There are many creatives out there who need to know that even though we have completely messed this thing called life up at times, that doesn’t mean we are no longer useful to God at all. Our purpose is still waiting for us to find strength and pursue it again. Our destiny remains….albeit there was a little detour, the destination remains.


PJ uses Jacob as his main point of reference to show that even though he had a lifestyle that was sinful in nature and needed to change (without a doubt), his destiny, OUR destiny was still integral and needed to happen. He didn’t just have destiny, he had one of the most important destinies in history! Now, note, PJ is careful to point out the fact that there is still a process, a breaking, an exposure period and a healing period. “Running from the process can shift your destiny timeline.” Lord! The level of screaming I did when I read that line! I think I probably did a few fist air swings too! It’s the absolute truth! We run from the process and find ourselves right back there to work that same thing out in us! If we never make it through the process we stay full of ourselves and PJ clearly states “anyone full of themselves cannot be filled by the spirit of God.” Whew! It also drives the point that although our destiny still waits, there will surely be a cost for it all. PJ writes “The enemy will always send you what you THINK you need, he just NEVER tells you how much it costs. He gives it to you first and will send you the bill after.” If this is not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Goodness!!! I can’t tell you how many times something seemed so perfect but the cost drained me to no end and was just not worth it in the end.


“ we make bad decisions and make use of things we shouldn’t because we aren’t focused.”


Another point I loved is his recognition of the fact that leaders carry a heavy weight and tend to get weary and tired. PJ warns us of the importance of being careful of getting weary. When we get weary, “we make bad decisions and make use of things we shouldn’t because we aren’t focused.” He tells us not to “forgo our birthright because of our weariness in the moment.” I’m sure you can think on how many decisions you’ve made that could have easily voided everything you’ve worked for. I sure have! He warns us not to “Give away our value to someone who doesn’t deserve it.” Then he spoke briefly on an area that I struggle terribly! Taking care of our temples! Hearing him say it’s our “personal responsibility to help God get the maximum glory out of our lives.” He encouraged us to think about being in a position where you can’t fulfill your purpose because of your health. I feel this daily because of the chronic pain in my joints. Sometimes I feel like I’m not giving the best I have because I’m limited in movements while I worship. “We have to make sure we are physically able to do what we are created us to do.


“You may be in the same body but you are NOT the same person.”


He gave us some questions to think on and I love to read books that give me some homework so that I have something tangible! So when all is done and said and we get that name change like Jacob/Israel, PJ says to remember, “you may be in the same body but you are NOT the same person.” So our homework is to know that since we haven’t LOST our call, purpose or destiny, then we should go forth! Sow whatever seed we need to, whether that’s getting things right with family or authority or just making right on places we’ve erred. Then, think on what God gave us to do. Pray on our team, who God called us to and who He called to us. So, if you haven’t read “Win from Within” yet by Pastor John Gray, go grab it along with your favorite cup of tea or coffee and enjoy! 'Til Next Time!


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