Think back to the days when you surrendered your life to the Lord...


when you were ALL IN. Remember when His Word was fresh and exciting, and you couldn’t wait to spend time with your Savior? When you were so eager to learn more about Him, to praise Him, and to pray about every little thing. Back then, God was more than a friend. He was a privilege. A lifeline. A gift. 

It was all so… thrilling.

Think back to the days when you surrendered your life to the Lord...


when you were ALL IN. Remember when His Word was fresh and exciting, and you couldn’t wait to spend time with your Savior? When you were so eager to learn more about Him, to praise Him, and to pray about every little thing. Back then, God was more than a friend. He was a privilege. A lifeline. A gift. 

It was all so… thrilling.


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"I have so much going on in my life and I needed something to help me focus. These journals have helped me dig deeper when I study and I have honestly been able to get more out of my study time. I use them daily."

- Tiana O.

Your soul longs for more than scripted prayers and same-old worship.


In those precious few moments alone with God—your quiet time “pit stop” from the race track of daily demands—how can you fill your tank to the brim with joy, peace, wisdom and trust? Is it possible to build the kind of heart connection with Jesus that will fuel you all day long?


…and I love to worship. As a content creator and business owner, I wear tons of hats: worship coach, healing and transformation coach, worship leader, songwriter and recording artist, podcast host, speaker, author, vlogger and abortion survivor. 

For two decades, guilt and shame threatened to beat me down. Although I spent many years leading people over the bridge to Christ through worship, I had lost my own inner voice. With the help of God, and commitment to therapy and other coaching resources, I stand in victory today over that long season. 

Now that experience has bred a passion in me to help others on their journey to healing, worship, and closeness to God. I am the owner of Heart of Worship Co, LLC, a faith-based apparel and products company with a mission to connect people to God’s heart. We do this through a variety of means and methods, including coaching, books, fashion, music, Bible study resources, conferences, meet-ups, virtual and in-person support groups, and much more.

​It’s time to plug your heart back into the true source of joy, healing, and abundant life, which is God our Father. My Heart of Worship resource bundle is a big step toward embarking on that very exciting and worthwhile journey… together.

Life changer! Using the journals have made my time with God more meaningful and lasting. All the questions and prompts help me to spend more time learning about God’s word.  I’ve never had so much takeaway from my study time that I could actually plug into my daily life. Writing things out has been the best tool for me.

- Nina V.

Do you ever get to the end of a crazy day and realize…

ugh, I haven’t cracked open my Bible yet AGAIN today. When am I finally going to get a handle on my ridiculous schedule and make that time for God?



When you do finally sit down to read the Word and pray…

do you get so distracted by your to-do list, your grocery app, your kids calling for Mom, Mom, Mom… that you can’t really focus on the Lord? Why even bother, you wonder. My life is too hectic to really grow in my faith right now.


Or maybe you’re the kind of blessed woman...

who enjoys an hour of quiet time each day, plenty of physical and mental space to bask in God’s Word… but your heart is plagued by doubts. Does He hear me? Does He care? If He loves me, why won’t He take away my struggle?

If you read your Bible and it doesn’t make sense…

but you’re embarrassed to ask someone to explain it because you’re afraid you’re already supposed to know…


If you long for someone to show you how to make God’s Word come alive…

so you can actually understand its power in a practical sense and apply it to the way you live your life…


If you’re tired of feeling lost or bored or lonely in your pursuit of God…

and you’re ready for Jesus to transform you, to change your life from the inside out, so you can truly know Him to new depths and make a bigger, eternal impact in your relationships, your household, your job, your church and community…


Then it’s time to get back to the Heart of Worship. This exclusive resource bundle is designed to make connecting with God easy, convenient, fun, and above all, effective. Because God is worth it. And so are you.


TRANSFORMED! I’ve been using these journals for 3 months and my life has transformed. I look forward to studying because I get so much out of it now. I used to read just to read but the journals make me stop, actually study and think about how what I’m reading relates to my life. I have always loved to read the Bible but I just didn’t know how to connect what I read to my life. I feel so much closer to God and I know Him better. 

- Joy W.

With the Heart of Worship Bundle, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find time in your busy schedule to spend one-on-one with God (yes, even in the midst of ALL THE STUFF you’ve got to do) and learn how to gain a ton of benefit from even just 10 minutes a day for starters

  • Use simple study resources to make sense of all that confusing context or Bible jargon so you can finally understand what you’re reading… and discover what the Bible writers actually meant by those verses you thought you knew (but maybe didn’t, really)

  • Effectively apply what you’re learning in the Bible to your actual life: daily decisions, attitudes, and worldview… so your lifestyle lines up with God’s will for your life (which is when amazing stuff starts to happen)

  • Take helpful, organized notes each time you hear a sermon or message, empowering you to revisit what you learned and check it against Scripture… so you won’t be led astray or stuck in confusion after a Sunday service!

  • Keep track of regular prayer requests and God’s answers to those prayers, so your prayer time is no longer an experiment in mind-wandering but rather a purposeful, powerful conversation with the Lord. Your faith will grow by giant steps when you can look back and see what God has done!

The Heart of Worship Bundle includes four downloadable, printable guides for journaling your time with God and making your Bible study activities more fruitful… so you’ll never again close your Bible and wonder what you just read, or how it can inspire you to live your best life.

Here's what you'll get inside:

(1) Heart of Worship Bible Study Journal

  • Break down every passage into the Who, What, When, Where, Why… so you can create a system for studying and understanding what you read.
  • Dive into reflection questions about the points that stuck out to you, so you can begin connecting the dots between God’s Word, who He is, your relationship with Him, and the circumstances of your life.
  • Pray and meditate over the passage, guided by prompts that inspire you to go deeper.

(2) Heart of Worship Book of the Bible Study Journal

  • A guide for exploring entire books of the Bible, through reading, studying, and applying its truths.
  • Summarize each book into Who, What, When, Where, Why… including reflection questions to determine the overall theme and message of the book and how it impacts your relationship with God.
  • Perfect accompaniment to the Heart of Worship Bible Study Journal; use side-by-side to record bigger ideas and threads woven throughout the book as a whole.

(3) Heart of Worship Sermon Journal

  • Printable sheets you can bring to church for taking notes during the message.
  • Space to jot the date, speaker, message title and notes so you can keep your Sunday lessons organized.
  • Meaningful reflection questions to bring the message home, including “What is my takeaway?” and “What did I learn about God today?”

(4) Heart of Worship Monthly Prayer Journal

  • A beautiful yet easy-to-follow set of worksheets designed to record a month’s worth of prayers and answers, following the ACTS method of prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication.
  • Organized into prayers for yourself, your family, your work/ministry, others… so you’ll never forget to pray for people and circumstances in need!
  • Space for noting Bible verses to pray over, because there is great power in praying God’s Word back to Him!

Print fresh worksheets for every Bible reading or prayer journaling session, then save them in a folder or three-ring binder where you can keep an ongoing journal of wisdom from the Lord. Just imagine the wealth of knowledge and encouragement you will collect over time… starting with just a few short days or weeks! Best part? This bundle can be used as an ongoing tool for years to come. It never gets old or boring, because God’s Word is “alive and active” (Hebrews 4:12) and it is “at work in you who believe” (1 Thessalonians 2:13).


My faith and trust in God have been shifted through these journals and through coaching with Rayna!  They were provided as part of my coaching program to help me get closer to God and it truly changed my heart for God.  The closeness I feel to God because I’ve just been digging deeper into His word can never be explained.  Writing out my prayers and actually going back to see the answered ones have restored my faith in God! I have had a bad habit of focusing on the unanswered prayers, but the monthly prayer journal has shifted my mindset.  I am so grateful for these products and hope to see more soon!

- Bernadette R.


I stand by the tremendous value and life-changing opportunities provided in the Heart of Worship bundle. If for any reason you are not completely thrilled with your purchase, you may request a refund within 15 days of purchase, and I will return your money, no questions asked, Just email our Customer Service team at [email protected] to request your refund.

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