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Hey There!

I am Rayna Brown! I am a Worship Coach, Healing & Transformation Coach, Worship Leader, Song Writer & Recording Artist, Podcast Host, Speaker,  Christian Influencer, Author, Vlogger, and Abortion Survivor.  For 20 years of my life post-abortion, I struggled and fought with guilt and shame and it was truly a fight for my life.  Although I spent many years leading worship and leading people over the bridge through worship, I had lost my own inner voice.  With the help of God,  and commitment to therapy and other coaching resources, I fought through that very long and extended season and stayed focused on my healing journey that soon yielded a return of my inner voice.

The fight to get my voice back and feel the power of my healing journey has bred a passion in me to help others on their journey to healing and worship journey.  I am committed to helping other women break free from regret, shame, and guilt from their past and take their hearts back.  Whether it is a tragic life moment that shifted everything for you or you just lost your voice, God has a life of freedom for you and I am committed to walking you through your leadership journey or journey to healing.

The hardest part of the struggle for me was living life post-abortion as a Christian and more specifically, as a Leader in the church.  I feared judgment by the very people who should love me through it all.  Unfortunately, judgment was what I experienced so I continued to live in fear of people finding out and held on to “my secret” for many years of my life.  20 years of leading people to Christ, leading worship, and mentoring others, all while feeling empty, worthless, and unqualified.  I want more than anything for others to experience the same freedom, wholeness, and boldness to lead that I have found.

Out of that pain and healing, I’ve written Christian songs and a Daily Devotional that have all been catalysts in helping others overcome their shame or low self-confidence. Heart of Worship Daily Devotional is a 31-Day Devotional on FAITH that walks you through a faith journey of devotions and prayer that will strengthen your FAITH muscles.

I am the Owner of "Heart of Worship Co., LLC" which is a company that makes faith-based and empowering apparel and products that connect people to God's heart.  HOW Co., LLC is also the company that covers worship coaching programs and healing programs that coach women through the healing process, transform them, and empower them to live a whole and fulfilling life.  The mission of Heart of Worship Co., LLC is to connect people to God’s Heart through a variety of means and methods, including coaching, apparel, books, music and worship, biblical resources, conferences, meet-ups, FB Groups with daily encouragements, group studies, and much more.

After experiencing God’s love, freedom, and healing on the other side of all the pain and struggle, I want to help other women on that journey and other worship leaders to become more confident and equipped leaders.  Proverbs 27:19 states “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”  It’s time to plug your heart back into the true source of joy, healing, and abundant life, which is God and I’m here to thrust you forward and partner with you on your journey.


Education and Certifications

  • Liberty University - M.A. Human Services Counseling (Crisis Response & Trauma) 2023 (expected)

  • Liberty University - B.S. Worship Studies 2021

  • University Coaching Institute - Certified Life Coach 2020

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